I am just a 16 year old and just like other people I too have my own views on the teenage love scenarios.

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I have a very sarcastic take on all those stupid lovey -dovey things . Maybe it’s because of my sister’s influence or maybe I’ve always been this wise.

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To me at this stage of life, love has no deeper meaning. Deeper as in I don’t fantasize about it all day.
One may think that I   know nothing about such things but I can say I know quite enough considering all what I have watched (be it the rom-coms  or the sitcoms or the dramas ). So I have a little knowledge. Plus like a teenager I too had a crush on someone (but now I’m over him).

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So I know how it feels a little and right know I don’t want to know more. (Maybe I’m getting wiser and wiser these days )

What I have came to realize at this point of time is that the thing which should be  important for one or I should say for people like me is to be happy , to enjoy our life . We all know that life’s going to be tougher at later stages in various ways.  (Too philosophical, I know !).
so you can chill out with your friends create some memories that you’ll cherish your whole life , make mistakes , you can laugh at others and at yourself too.


you can do whatever you want to do even if that means loving  someone .
yes, I agree that you can fall for someone at any point of time but do not make an asshole out of yourself, that’s all I’m saying .

I know that there is something called love (too many time using this word, its awkward) and I also know that  there are other things in this vast universe that you can focus on as long as these things seems to make sense to you without the need of anyone else in your life.
You never know what may happen next. Don’t worry if you are alone you’ll end up somewhere with someone as long as you know how to be positive throughout.
I have seen people who keep crying over their past, they crave for the ones who don’t need them in their lives .Move on people (you can really go to a fastrack showroom if that helps :P). It’s not like you don’t have access to internet anymore.(ooh..I just realised it makes double sense! haha… or maybe it’s just me.)

We are human beings so it is natural for each one of us at some point of time to become depressed (or even act as an asshole). Hey, it’s all cool but only if you get out of your misery.

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Learn something from our unapologetic bitch, Madonna (caution: do not learn it all from her)

I am just a person with opinions which are not based on random judgements.
peace out !
P.S. those of you might be wondering about my crush , well you can find it yourself its in the tags . lol

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